Thesis gpl compliant

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Thesis gpl compliant

References This document presents the legal analysis of the Software Freedom Law Center and the authors.

This document does not express the views, intentions, policy, or legal analysis of any SFLC clients or client organizations. This document does not constitute legal advice or opinion regarding any specific factual situation or party.

Specific legal advice should always be sought from qualified legal counsel on the application of the law in any particular circumstances. The changes that have occurred in the industrial use of copylefted software over the last decade make different emphasis necessary. Introducing that analysis, however, we begin by describing the underlying concepts of copyleft, which may be particularly helpful to newcomers to the subject.

We also want to emphasize software governance, the general business processes for taking in, using, modifying and emitting third-party software, which have become far more relevant to businesses large and small.

In the final chapter of this Guide, therefore, we discuss the relation of governance to compliance, and provide direct practical advice about responding to inquiries or compliance complaints from copyright holders.

The goal of the Thesis gpl compliant licenses is to ensure that all users of a program, or any work based on the program, have four fundamental freedoms: The freedom to run the program for any purpose, without any additional permission; The freedom to read, study, understand and use any know-how or techniques taught or contained by the source code of the program; The freedom to modify, adapt, improve, or reuse any or all of the program code; and The freedom to share with anyone, or no one, both modified and unmodified versions of the program.

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The easiest way to understand license terms is to begin with why, rather than what. The GNU licenses have been written by developers and their lawyers for application by developers without any aid or assistance from lawyers, for the purpose of assuring these freedoms to all their users, and all users of modified versions or new programs containing portions of their programs.

The essence of these freedoms is the prevention of proprietary enhancements to copylefted programs. As the Preamble of GPLv3 puts it, To protect your rights, we need to prevent others from denying you these rights or asking you to surrender the rights.

Therefore, you have certain responsibilities if you distribute copies of the software, or if you modify it: This document explains what those responsibilities are, and how to discharge them most productively for users, at least cost to intermediate users, modifiers, packagers and resellers.

Copyright and Copyleft The primary legal regime that applies to software is copyright law.

Thesis gpl compliant

Copyleft, which uses functional parts of copyright law to achieve an unusual result legal protection for free sharing forms the core legal principle of these licenses. Any work that is based on a copylefted program must also be licensed under the same copyleft license. Unless every individual user is free to fix bugs, enhance features, and reuse code, users are deprived of the full value of the software that authors intended for them to have.

If the license terms are not enforced, then proprietary enhancements will eventually come to represent the state of the art, as the copyleft program is submerged under the subsequent layers of proprietary enhancement.

The source code requirement therefore applies whether users receive software in the form of digital transmissions over a network, as bits fixated in computer-readable media, or as software embedded in physical devices.

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The form of software has no effect on the extent or quality of the rights of the users. Copyright law grants exclusive rights to authors. Actions for copyright infringement are the ultimate legal mechanism for enforcement, and copyright law allows only a copyright holder or her agent to bring an action for infringement.

There also exist community efforts at compliance that help copyright holders in enforcement of their rights, but only the copyright holders or their legal representatives can actually initiate enforcement proceedings in the legal system. In this section we show how the working parts of the licenses implement the basic concepts upon which copyleft is based, followed by an explanation of specific terms of each license and how those terms impose specific compliance obligations.

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What may at first seem arbitrary or counter-intuitive becomes easier to grasp if your constant reference point is the intention of the licenses and the core concepts that they are based upon. The GNU licenses exercise their scope fully. This form of explanation was unfortunately unhelpful.

But when you distribute the same sections as part of a whole which is a work based on the Program, the distribution of the whole must be on the terms of this License.Matt Mullenweg Declares War on Thesis: A Summary.

by Ben Cook on July 17, Matt has accepted that it is GPL compliant but they won’t promote themes that go this route as far as I’ve heard. Things may have changed due to the recent dust up. OEMs and GPL Compliance. At XDA, we like open source. to help them to become GPL compliant.

In addition to maintaining legality, the benefits of following the GPL also include the ability to. Thesis, Automattic, and WordPress • Post StatusWordPress is licensed by the GNU General Public License This split license ensures that the theme is GPL compliant yet Thesis, Automattic, and wordpress.

The developer of Thesis disagreed strongly that the GPL required Thesis to be GPL-licensed while Matt Mullenweg and others argued strongly (yet, for the most part, calmly) that the GPL required just that.

Thesis gpl compliant

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Software Freedom Law Center Guide to GPL Compliance 2nd Edition