The verger

Somerset Maugham There had been a christening that afternoon at St.

The verger

The verger

Foreman then goes on to start a successful business on his own and continues to be happy with what he has. A man loses his low-paying job as a verger because it is discovered that he is illiterate, but he adapts to his problem by becoming a successful shopkeeper. He finds he is better off being illiterate.

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Maugham likes to write about the odd diversity of human characters. In fact, he traveled the world in search of unique characters who In fact, he traveled the world in search of unique characters who would provide inspiration for his stories and novels. Albert Foreman was happy because he did not aspire to social success even after he made a lot of money.

He and his wife were both content to lead simple lives, unlike nouveau riche Jay Gould Gatsby in F. He brought his invention to Thamus, the king of Egypt, and explained how he believed it would benefit mankind. And you now, the father of written letters [Theuth], are led by your affection to ascribe to them [written words] a power exactly the reverse of what their tendency is.

The result of your invention will be this: The elixir you have found is not an aid to memory, but to reminiscence. You provide your pupils with the show of wisdom, not true wisdom.

Through you they will learn many things without instruction, and will hence appear to have much knowledge while for the most part they are ignorant, and hardly to be endured because they are grown seeming wise instead of wise.

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Words are not things but reminders of things, or "aids to reminiscence," as Socrates says. We cannot understand a word unless we already know the thing the word represents. He is fluent in at least half a dozen languages, including Latin and Italian.Jul 16,  · South Gippsland Road Shoulder removal for VicRoads.

UNBELIEVABLE Most Amazing And Crazy Russian Heavy Equipment And Extreme Off Road Vehicles - . Verger definition is - an attendant that carries a verge (as before a bishop or justice).

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an attendant that carries a verge (as before a bishop or justice) See the full definition. If a verger also serves at the altar during divine worship, the gown is often replaced with a surplice.

Modern function [ edit ] In small churches, the office of the verger is often combined with that of the sexton, who is responsible for maintaining church buildings and grounds. Jan 22,  · Albert Dobson is a very good verger who has served the church for years.

The verger

But when the modernising new vicar discovers Albert cannot read or write, he soon leaves him no choice but to /10(63). The plot of Maugham's "The Verger" is about a church verger named Foreman who loves this job and does it well, until a new pastor is hired, discovers Foreman cannot read, and fires him.

Rebekah is a verger at Durham Cathedral, and as she carried out preparations for when the doors were opened to visitors, nature combined with the architecture .

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