The soul scarf

He later formed the Mates in and joined the Shadows in May

The soul scarf

Cooldown of 10 minutes. Instead, he sat there, eyes shut and calm as he concentrated. A new crucial aspect of the Upgrade Technique had been made known to him, and he was all the more closer to yet another breakthrough in his understanding. Like before, the equipment shrunk in size again so that it was as wide as two fingers almost, and half a meter in length to form a scarf.

Twenty-one thousand total points of defense…. Was there even a soul armament that could break through this?? Unfortunately for Bai Yunfei, this was just a scarf. A mere two-finger sized scarf was only big enough to wrap around his forehead.

A flat increase of two hundred percent in spirit-based attacks would make Bai Yunfei unstoppable to anyone at the same level of strength. In fact, it looked exactly like an ordinary gray strip of cloth. Bai Yunfei knew better than that. When Bai Yunfei tried to put his soulforce into it, the scarf started to glow a faint blue light.

All three effects of the scarf had to do with the soul, and each of them had to do with protecting the soul. Not sure what was going on, he sent a sliver of his soul into the scarf. In the next moment, his eyes flew wide open as his soulsense came rebounding back as if zapped by electricity.

This was completely unprecedented for him! This blue light, Bai Yunfei thought, surely had to be from the presence within the scarf. The pulsations came to a slow calm eventually as the soul finally finished waking. Still unsure of what to do, Bai Yunfei gritted his teeth.

Carefully sending another probe of soulsense, he had it go into the scarf once again. That was still very shocking to Bai Yunfei. He had never seen this before….

The soul scarf

The soul within the scarf seemed to notice Bai Yunfei the moment it entered the mindspace. Then, a soft feeling energy from the soul came up all around him! Surprised yet again, Bai Yunfei allowed for the energy to wrap over his soulsense. A sliver of his soul had been taken from him!

It was a part of his soul, the very core of his being!! Light shone brighter than before as soon as the two entities combined. After the entirety of the scarf had its runes lit up, the markings then faded away and returned back to normal. From a sliver of his soul being taken to the runes disappearing, everything took place within a matter of a second before finishing.

It was a strange sensation, like if a part of him was now placed in the scarf.

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And just faintly, Bai Yunfei could feel that one sliver of his soul transforming into a pattern of some sort in the scarf…. All of a sudden, Bai Yunfei had the feeling that there was an extremely close bond between him and the scarf….

By now, the things he could sense from the scarf was extremely clear to Bai Yunfei. A regalia that had a….The Soul Searching Scarf will make great Christmas projects too everyone!

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