The reason why cambodia is a great place to visit essay

There is no other place with people so kind and civilized, food so delicious and landscape so stunning.

The reason why cambodia is a great place to visit essay

We mostly think of the usual motivators when trying to get more people to attend our event. Have you considered your audience real motivators? What can you do about it? Maybe it is just me but I see the usual messages spreading across different media when I get an invitation to attend an event.

Sad call to actions i. Reserve your space now!!!! What has happened to our Marketing Flare? The truth is that in order to feel safer, we adopt the same approach of others who we think have been successful.

Needless to say this turns out to be a quite risky strategy. Firstly because we completely bypass our audience and what they are really looking for, secondly because we assume that if something has worked for someone else, it may well work for us.

Focus on the drives What really motivates people to go to an event? For once I want you to think about the inner drives.

The reason why cambodia is a great place to visit essay

There are things we will never say during a focus group or on your questionnaire. There are indeed universal reasons we attend events we are ashamed to admit.

In my experience running events, I've always focused on trying to leverage on motivators my guests would never mention and it's almost always been a success. So Let's have a look 1. I feel alone Despite we may think that event goers are sociable types, I am genuinely convinced of the opposite.

I am actually convinced that those who attend an event are shy and introverted and want to get to know more people, possibly like them.

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See a Problem? Vietnam is more than just its war memory:
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The History Place - Genocide in the 20th Century: Pol Pot in Cambodia Over four nights, its charm was slowly revealed and I kinda fell in love with the city.
10 reasons for visiting Vietnam Are you ready to stop in for a taste of history and some fun? Battambang is as David:

How do you capitalize? Make sure your social programme is rich and that you integrate with as many social networks as possible. Services such as Lanyrd or Plancast will tell you who is attending an event. Your shy guest will already feel at ease by discovering that like minded individuals are attending.

Somebody call that networking, I call it safety. I don't want to be at work One of the most recurrent reasons that drives event numbers up is whether you have given your attendees a chance to be a couple of hours or days off work, while being paid.

I know it is not a nice thing to say, but this is the harsh truth. Make sure to give on your communications enough reasons for your attendees to justify to their boss why it is important to go to your event. They will kill themselves to get it there and possibly will bring the boss along. We are all humans after all.

I want to drink, eat and party for free and in abundance Most people won't say so, but they are in for the free meal and party. That could be the only reason why they come in the first place.


There is no such thing as a free lunch. If you have worked your budget correctly that is the case, but you can make it look as it is.

The reason why cambodia is a great place to visit essay

Never save on drinks and food and make sure your parties are memorable. I know people that remember events just for the after-parties. I am broke In a business context, events are a good opportunity to find contacts and clients. Attendees tend to see events as their unique resource when they are not able to turn around business with advertising or traditional marketing communications.

Speed networking sessions or roundtables are a great way to give an opportunity to your guests to do business and make their suffered investment worth every penny.

Try also to give some discounts to new businesses, they need your help. My boss told me to go Kind of the vice-versa of item number 2.

Sometimes bosses force employees to attend events. They couldn't care less and they are overall bored. Try to establish who the bosses are in your target attendees and make sure you tell them how important it is to get their employees to come.

Possibly offer group discounts. Do not worry about the bored attendees, if you have taken care of item number 3, they will come again next year with a big smile on their faces.This is great for saving money for travel or for making student loan payments!

To learn more about salaries and benefits for teaching English abroad, check out this Country Chart, which compares salaries, hiring requirements and other aspects of teaching English abroad in more than 50 countries around the globe.

I could come up with a thousand reasons why leaving the country during the Chinese New Year weekend would do you — and your mental and physical well-being — a whole lot of good. The Journey.

Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year as many of us know it, is the longest and most important holiday on the Chinese calendar. For us foreigner teachers, it’s also a great opportunity to take a few weeks away from the hustle and bustle of China and go someplace a little more quiet.

Visit Angkor Wat Photograph taken by Dragan Tapshanov Visiting the amazing temple complex is the highlight for most people and the main reason for going to Cambodia. Why study in South Korea as an international student explains why South Korea is a great destination for students.

this makes Korea a great place for international students with an interest in technology to study. study or visit South Korea: Find plans that best fit your needs. In the modern, overpopulated world the need for dedicated space for wildlife is increasingly important. National parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and protected spaces for nature help conserve the natural world and benefit us all in many ways.

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