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A short History of the Real-time ultrasound scanner Dr. Joseph Woo Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecologyreproduced separately here. The innovation which had soon completely changed the practice of ultrasound scanning was the advent of the Real-time scanners.

Ob main points

Starts very flinty and slightly smoky one of these ex-Islay casks that they sometimes reuse at Jura? Very nice grassy and mineral profile without any esthery notes. A little more vanilla after a while. Gets a little grainier and maltier.

Ripe gooseberries and just a little white pepper. Gets really vegetal after a moment, with notes of vegetables asparagus, French beans and blackcurrant leaves. Very little fruitiness, which is unexpected.

The sulphury notes never totally disappear. Sour cream with green apples and toffee, lassi, strong tea, lemon squash and cherry stem tea. Orangeade and strawberry drops. Whiffs of wet cardboard, ink newspaper of the day and ham. Rather weird in my opinion. Old walnut liqueur, hints of Madeira.

Grated ginger on fresh strawberries? Wasabi on liquorice allsorts? How many litres of red wine are there in this? A little strange because nebbiolo can be quite austere, more austere than pinot noir in any case.

Sweet spices, hawthorns, apple peelings, whiffs of shoe polish. The nicest nose so far right, the was much nicer. Blackcurrant jam and green tea.

Quite some pepper again. Well, more or less. There are nice notes of ripe apricots and peaches and also these hints of linseed oil and even olive oil that are sometimes to be found in Jura. The smokiness remains big, even after fifteen minutes.

Some porridge too, even tiny hints of baby puke. Very nice nose nevertheless. Liquorice allsorts and cane sugar, walnuts, cough drops, cornflakes and gingerbread. Keeps hesitating between a sugary maltiness and a straight smokiness but the whole is good.

Whiffs of antiseptic, bandages, tarmac… Much drier than the Superstition, getting smokier by the minute, now smokier than the Superstition in any case. Some fruits white peaches, apples and a very enjoyable greenness green apples, rhubarbthen quite some pepper and a little mustard.

Gets grassier and grassier, very nicely so.

Ob main points

Notes of lime and grapefruit playing with your tongue. The middle is a little thinner. Highly drinkable — we want more of these batches even if being into peat seems to become less fashionable these days among whisky freaks.

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Swing of the pendulum? Marshmallows, dried coconut, vanilla and soft liquorice. No heady notes of bubblegum or strawberry sweets. Pear drops, pineapple drops and apple liqueur. Kind of a fruit and vanilla liqueur, mucho recommended if you have sweet tooth.

And a mix of cigar ashes and apple peelings. Hugely smoky of course, liquoricy, sweet, very phenolic, ashy, caramelly fudgeextremely well balanced.

Ob main points

Does smoked salmiak liquorice exist? One point above the It might need water to unfold more than that. Litres of lemon and lime juice, grapefruit and something a little metallic that adds an extra-dimension.Some New Comments by Bob Moog Switched-on Bach was released at the end of and became an immediate success.

It was acclaimed as real music by musicians and the listening public alike. As a result, the Moog Synthesizer was suddenly accepted with open arms by the music business community.

Whiskyfun archives - October part 2 - single malt scotch whisky tasting notes, music tips and concert reviews. This is a list of extreme points of Earth, the geographical locations that are farther north or south than, higher or lower in elevation than, or farthest inland or out to sea from, any other locations on the landmasses, continents or countries..

For other lists of extreme points on Earth, including places that hold temperature and weather records, see Extremes on Earth, Lists of extreme.

How To Deliver A Diagnosis Of Down Syndrome: An Open Letter To OB/GYNs

Odense Boldklub (also known as Odense BK or the more commonly used OB) is a Danish professional football club based in the city ashio-midori.com club has won three Danish championships and five Danish Cup trophies. OB play in the Danish Superliga and their home field is Nature Energy ashio-midori.com's clubhouse is located in Ådalen near Odense River.

Somers Manor OB/GYN, an Axia Women's Health Care Center has been providing quality women's health care for over 30 years. We are committed to bringing women in the South Jersey area the most complete Obstetrical and Gynecological care available.

Ocean Beach contains the Ocean Beach Cottage Emerging Historic District consisting of various Craftsman bungalows, cottages and other structures built from – There are a number of other individual San Diego Historic Landmarks in Ocean Beach. Designated city historic landmark buildings are the Ocean Beach Library and Strand Theater.

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