Mark twain writing analysis personality

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Mark twain writing analysis personality

While both sides of his family claimed distinguished English ancestors, those aristocratic ties were never clearly identified, and the Clemens family was hardly affluent when Samuel was born.

Where the past is always present

Consequently, because there appeared to be more opportunity, in the elder Clemens moved his family to Hannibal, located on the banks of the Mississippi. Inhe went to work for his older brother, Orion, on the Hannibal Western Union, and untilhe worked as a typesetter for various newspapers.

During this period, he also wrote sketches and published his first story. His newspaper career was fortuitously interrupted inwhen he learned to be a steamboat pilot on the Mississippi.

Those experiences formed the basis for his Life on the Mississippi and also deepened the influence that the Mississippi had on the body of his work. During his Nevada years, Twain unsuccessfully prospected for gold and silver and successfully returned to the newspaper world, writing for the Virginia City Territorial Enterprise, where he developed, partly through emulating humorist Artemus Ward, mark twain writing analysis personality lecturing persona.

mark twain writing analysis personality

Inhe moved to San Francisco, where he continued his newspaper work on the Morning Call and also contributed work to the Californian, a literary magazine. In effect, Twain was split between the progressive, materialistic East of the future and the reactionary, individualistic Southwest of the past.

In fact, it was the split between art and business that produced works that appear inconsistent, contradictory, and careless. The pressure to make money did cause him to produce inferior work, as Twain himself acknowledged.

The revised travel accounts eventually became The Innocents Abroada book that enabled him to abandon his newspaper work and to devote his full attention to writing. After his marriage, Twain embarked on what was to become a typical divided course of action: He began to write Roughing Itand he acquired part ownership of the Buffalo Express, the first of a series of unsuccessful business ventures.

mark twain writing analysis personality

Another pattern was also established during the early years of the marriage: Despite these setbacks, Twain moved his family to Hartford, Connecticut, where he built an impressive mansion, a symbol of his ambition and materialism.

Inhe published, in collaboration with his Hartford neighbor, Charles Dudley Warner, The Gilded Agehis first attempt at an extended work of fiction. After successfully adapting the novel to the stagehe published The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in and, inpublished another travel book, A Tramp Abroad.

InThe Prince and the Pauper appeared, and inThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, his most artistic and significant novel, was published. Within a month, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was embroiled in censorship problems that continued to plague the novel, but the novel also quickly became a best-seller and has become one of the most widely read and taught novels in American literature.

Webster Publication Company, which Twain formed after having problems with his previous publishers. Grantwhich Twain published in his publishing company, Charles L.

Webster and Company, confirmed his belief that he was both a financial and artistic genius. Inan overconfident Twain, who optimistically believed in technology and in the promise of a typesetting machine, acquired half ownership of the Paige Typesetter; inhe purchased all rights to the machine.

In an effort to economize, he closed his Hartford house in and moved to Europe, but he was bankrupt by Twain, to his credit, did not attempt to take advantage of bankruptcy laws and instead set about paying off his debts by undertaking an exhausting round-the-world lecture tour in and by continuing to publish books: Personal Recollections of Joan of ArcTom Sawyer, Detectiveand Following the Equatora travel account prompted by his lecture tour.

These sales, coupled with a lucrative contract with Harper and Row for rights to his collected works, enabled Twain to pay off his debts in full by January of Although he recovered financially, Twain suffered several setbacks from which he never fully recovered.

Despite the misfortunes that plagued him afterTwain continued to write prolifically, but most of this material, because of its nihilistic philosophy, was not published until after his death.

Summary In many ways, Mark Twain was as contradictory a person as his real name and pen name suggest. Like Gatsby, too, Twain was caught up in the American dream of material success, social ascent, and technological progress; unlike Gatsby, however, he came to satirize and scorn many of the values to which he subscribed.

Because The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is such an enjoyable story, however, many readers ignored the Colonel Sherburn incident, with its scathing indictment of mankind.Mark Twain once said when asked how to write, “Write what you know about.” His work of Life on the Mississippi is a great representation of his advice to aspiring writers.

It is written in true realistic style, providing the reader with many elements. Mark Twain was born Samuel Langhorn Clemens on Nov. 30, , in Florida, Mo.

His parents John Marshall Clemens and Jane Lampton's families were originally from Virginia, and the couple had made four moves westward prior to Sam's birth.

Perhaps more than any other classic American writer, Mark Twain is seen as a phenomenal author, but also as a personality that defined an era.

Other works include: Punch, Brothers, Punch! and Other Stories ().

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As it turns out, Mark Twain (), also known as Samuel Clemens, did a good deal of his writing in bed. Unlike many other authors who complained of the difficulty of the writing process, Twain did not find creative work difficult.

Mark Twain's Personality Revealed in His Writing Literary artists refuse to be categorized, defined, and completely fathomed by any standardized paradigm, but a writer's work exhibits his or her personality traits. Mark Twain's writing style, Twainthe pen name for Samuel Langhorne Clemens, American writer and humorist, is characterized by broad, often irreverent humor or biting social satire.

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