Lorenzo shipping corporation

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Lorenzo shipping corporation

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It was said that when new patriarch Alfredo Alfred Gothong went on self-imposed exile in Canada, he was able to observe how efficient were the ROROs there and he might have been talking of the short-distance ferry-ROROs including the double-ended ferries in the Vancouver area.

It is in that area where Canada has many of those types. First, it was the year when containerization went full blast when the leading shipping companies Aboitiz Shipping, William Lines, Sulpicio Lines, Lorenzo Shipping plus the earlier Sea Transport went into a race to acquire container ships.

That also meant a lull in passenger-cargo ship acquisitions since more and more it was the container ships that were carrying the cargo to the major ports.

Lorenzo shipping corporation

Before the container ships, it was mainly the passenger-cargo ships that were carrying the inter-island cargoes. It was the first step but in the next years ROPAXes linking the islands within sight began to mushroom this is not Lorenzo shipping corporation negate the earlier intermittent LCTs that also tried to bridge major islands within sight of each other the RORO way.

Gothong Lines and Lorenzo Shipping had two completely different responses to the new paradigm of containerization.

But if one analyzes the fleet holdings, it would look like Lorenzo Shipping Corporation was the stronger one with more ships but this was not apparent to the public. The CAGLI + LSC schedule in (Gorio Belen research in the Nat’l Library). Lorenzo Shipping Corporation (LSC) offers containerized shipping service to its customers around the country. It is one of the leading players in its industry. Search result: All manning agencies - records found MARITIME SERVICES CORPORATION Manning Agency R DOÑA F SYJUCO BLG REMEDIOS COR TAFT AVE MALATE, MANILA Tel No/s: Email Address: [email protected] Website: None .

The latter tried to join the containerization bandwagon and aside from the acquisition of general cargo ships from Japan for refitting into container ships it also tried to retrofit their earlier general cargo ships into container ships.

Maybe Lorenzo Shipping does not have the financial muscle of the others but it tried to make up for this by ingenuity and maybe Aboitiz Shipping which first tried this approach was their model. Gothong Lines had a different approach.

Most likely their situation as primarily an intra-Visayas and a Visayas-Mindanao shipping operator influenced this. In these routes, there was no need for containers ship as almost all cargoes there are either loose cargo or palletized cargo that are loaded mainly in overnight ships.

That ship came in and it was a RORO liner, obviously. By the way, the San Bernardino RORO service became only feasible when the roads in Samar were already passable so it cannot come earlier.

Lorenzo shipping corporation

Gothong Lines although there are those who say the former arrived earlier. Gothong Lines were just overnight ferries. The ferry measured She was powered by two Daihatsu engines totalling 2, horsepower with gave her a sustained speed of So one ship was not clearly superior to the other.

It just so happened that the routes of the companies dictated the particular role of the ships.

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The ship measured She was powered by twin Hitachi engines of 2, horsepower total and a design speed of Gothong Lines in the same year However, the ship did not live long. This ship had the external dimensions Actually in overnight routes, it is ROROs that is needed more because it simplified cargo handling especially with the employment of forklifts which is several times more efficient than a porter and does not get tired.

This ship measured She was powered by a single Nippon Hatsudoki engine of 2, horsepower and her design speed was 15 knots. Her engine was the reason the ship did not have a very long career here.

Gothong Lines at Her engines were twin Daihatsus at 2, horsepower total and that gave her a top speed of 14 knots, sustained.

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She possessed the IMO Number Lorenzo Shipping Corporation, Manila, Philippines. likes. Lorenzo Shipping Corporation (LSC) offers containerized door-to-door service to its /5(5). This is a list of current and former shipping companies authorized by the Maritime Industry Authority of the Philippines.

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Welcome to the Restructuring Case for Residential Capital, LLC et al. Compania Maritima, Aboitiz Shipping Corporation, Sweet Lines, Carlos A.

Gothong Lines, Lorenzo Shipping Corporation all stopped buying big liners especially the fast cruiser liners (and that type is beyond the means of minor liner shipping companies including Madrigal Shipping).

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