Little steven essay

He later formed the Mates in and joined the Shadows in May He went back to school to make his mother happy and graduated in Springsteen met Van Zandt for the first time in or when Springsteen went to the Hullabaloo club in Middletown. After going back to Jersey, Van Zandt continued to wear Hawaiian shirts because he did not like winter, which was how he got the nickname "Miami Steve".

Little steven essay

Little steven essay

But if you actually read the report, what you find are some startling omissions - omissions that ultimately lead to a heavily distorted view of the Google generation and its prospects. You need to read it The NEA makes a convincing case that both kids and adults are reading fewer books.

The subtitle of the NEA report - A Question Of National Consequence - would lead you believe this dramatic drop must have had done significant damage to our reading proficiencies as a society.

As Gioia puts it, in the very next sentence: But at least there must be an "alarming" drop in reading skills among those year-olds to justify this big report.

And there it is: But wait, this is all on a scale of Not exactly cause for national alarm. Comparable non-events appear when you look at prose literacy levels in the adult population: In other words, the distribution is basically unchanged - despite the vast influx of non-native English speakers into the US population during this period.

All of which raises an interesting question: The answer gets to the most significant sleight of hand of the NEA study: Odds are that you are reading these words on a computer monitor.

Are you not exercising the same cognitive muscles because these words are made out of pixels and not little splotches of ink? This is a preposterous omission, because of course the single most dramatic change in media habits over the past decade is the huge spike in internet activity.

Yes, we are reading in smaller bites on the screen, often switching back and forth between applications as we do it. Simply excising screen-based reading from the study altogether is like doing a literacy survey circa and only counting the amount of time people spent reading scrolls.

All Gioia has to say about the dark matter of electronic reading is this: There have been almost no studies that have looked at the potential positive impact of electronic media.

Certainly there is every reason to believe that technological literacy correlates strongly with professional success in the information age. I challenge the NEA to track the economic status of obsessive novel readers and obsessive computer programmers over the next 10 years.

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Which group will have more professional success in this climate? Which group is more likely to found the next Google or Facebook? But the unmeasured skills of the "digital natives" are not just about technological proficiency.

Little steven essay

One of the few groups that has looked at these issues is the Pew Research Centre, which found in a study of politics and media use: This is more the case than for other types of media, even accounting for the fact that internet users generally are better educated and more interested politically.

And among young people under 30, use of the internet to learn about the campaign has a greater impact on knowledge than does level of education. Unlike the NEA, he at least acknowledges the potential benefits in one brief paragraph: Researchers recently gave Michigan children and teenagers home computers in exchange for permission to monitor their internet use.

The study found that grades and reading scores rose with the amount of time spent online. But that long-term decline towards a pure society of image has been reversed by the rise of digital media.

What separates the Google generation from postwar generations is the shift from largely image-based passive media to largely text-based interactive media.

The twentysomethings in the US - the ones who spent their childhood years engaged with computers and not zoning out in front of the TV - are the least violent, the most politically engaged and the most entrepreneurial since the dawn of the television era.

But if you listen to the NEA, we are perched on the edge of a general meltdown: It is a serious national problem. Perhaps the scholars at the NEA should put down their novels and take some statistics classes?

This has been corrected.Steven owns % of Amblin, but in Dreamworks he only owns 22%.

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(Phil Hardy, The Encyclopedia of Horror Movies, pg) Steven wasn't only a director; he also was a writer and producer of many films. The Underground Garage: Home / Little Steven / Essays and Speeches A+ R A-Essays and Speeches.

Rutgers University Graduation Commencement Speech. Stevie Van Zandt Rutgers University Graduation Commencement Speech May 14, Head Down Synopsis: “Head Down” is a nonfiction essay that chronicles the season of his son Owen’s little league baseball team and all the triumphs and tribulations the team experiences on the road to the Maine State Championships.

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