La strategie de gamme au sein

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La strategie de gamme au sein

In fact a prospective vision. In the context of the file, various themes will be approached. When we had to choose a subject, we were a lot concerned by the environmentals challenges for next years. This sector of activity seems to be one of the most important for next few years.

The situation of this company seemed to be a good subject because we wanted to understand how initiates changes, and what will change.

The interest of the subject was to provide some answers to a current challenge, but we also to come up with ideas to help the company.

La strategie de gamme au sein

The limits of the subject were to find lines of development for the company to precede needs and expectations of customers during the coming years. Once we had the subject we had to find a way to exploit it.

La strategie de gamme au sein

We wanted to tackle the problem of environmental challenge for tomorrow. We found a problematic related to the leadership position of the group: Does the veolia group have internal means to conserv its position of market leader.

To respond to the problematic and treat the subject we came up with a plan. In the first part, we will describe the company, its history.

In the second and third part, we will evaluate the company by a strategical approach, And in the final part we will describe the medium and long term vision, and the oportunities for the group. We used various kinds of sources to help us with our file.

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We used, among other things, books on strategy and prospective. We also used a lot of press articles, taken from different newspapers and magazines. We tried to have different views so we took our sources in newspapers with different political views, in order to be as objective as possible.

Ses fondateurs avaient deux objectifs:Positionnement de la C Cactus au sein du groupe Positionnement sur le marché Produit Originalité: "Air Bump" Optique de démarcation «Se débarrasser du superflu et donner plus de valeur à tout ce qui participe au bien-être».

• Taux de marge est un instrument de coordination au sein d ’un secteur • l ’application du taux de marge maintient les prix relatifs • αest fonction:» du prix que le client est prêt à payer» de l ’élasticité de la demande» de la structure du marché: le leadership peut s .

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