Hill climbing

It also checks if the new state after the move was already observed. If true, then it skips the move and picks the next best move. Another drawback which is highly documented is local optima.

Hill climbing

It looks only at the current state and immediate future states. Hill climbing attempts to iteratively improve the current state by means of an evaluation function. In other words, hill-climbing can only advance if there is a higher point in the adjacent landscape.

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Iterative Improvement and Hill-Climbing[ edit ] The main problem that hill climbing can encounter is that of local maxima. This occurs when the algorithm stops making progress towards an optimal solution; mainly due to the lack of immediate improvement in adjacent states.

Local maxima can be avoided by a variety of methods: Simulated annealing tackles this issue by allowing some steps to be taken which decrease the immediate optimality of the current state. Random-Restart Hill-Climbing[ edit ] Another way of solving the local maxima problem involves repeated explorations of the problem space.

The source of its computational complexity arises from the time required to explore the problem space.

Hill climbing - Wikipedia

Random-restart hill-climbing can arrive at optimal solutions within polynomial time for most problem spaces. However, for some NP-complete problems, the numbers of local maxima can be the cause of exponential computational time.

To address these problems some researchers have looked at using probability theory and local sampling to direct the restarting of hill-climbing algorithms. For example, the travelling salesman problem, the eight-queens problem, circuit design, and a variety of other real-world problems. Hill Climbing has been used in inductive learning models.

One such example is PALO, a probabilistic hill climbing system which models inductive and speed-up learning. One such example is the Parish algorithm, which allows for scalable and efficient coordination in multi-robot systems. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Edited by Hanson, S.Xtreme Hill Racer There's nothing more extreme than riding a dirt bike through the snowy Alps!


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Hill climbing is an optimization technique for solving computationally hard problems. It is best used in problems with “the property that the state description itself contains all the information needed for a solution” (Russell & Norvig, ).

Hill climbing

[1] The algorithm is memory efficient since it does. Indoor Rock Climbing in Sydney.

Hill climbing - Wikipedia

With climbing for all levels: Over Climbs ; Walls for 5 to 85 year olds. This simple version of hill-climbing algorithms belongs to the gradient methods, which search the space of possible solutions in the direction of the steepest gradient.

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