Great summer jobs for college students

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Great summer jobs for college students

For college students, that often means trying to find resume-enhancing opportunities that align with their studies or future careers. After all, a good summer job can provide a lot more than extra cash.

It can help pave your way to the kind of life that you really want after college. Consider why that is: Seasonal jobs often give students their first exposure to real work settings.

The experiences that you acquire will likely contribute to your discovery of new talents, personal interests, and work preferences. And they can make you better at managing your money and making smart decisions.

So the potential benefits are rather abundant for a typical college student. Summer jobs frequently increase the likelihood for future success. In July of alone, about About 27 percent of them had jobs related to the hospitalityculinaryand leisure industries.

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Roughly 20 percent of them worked in retail. And 11 percent of them had jobs related to health or education services. The rest of them were employed in a wide variety of other sectors.

Great summer jobs for college students

But a lot of cities have summer youth employment programs that can help match you to seasonal opportunities. Plus, more than 70 percent of such programs feature partnerships with employers in the private sector, which is where most jobs tend to pop up.

With an open mind and a little advanced effort, you can find opportunities that let you get paid for working mostly outside. And some jobs will also keep you physically active so that you have a chance to return to school in better shape than when you left.

Many of the best summer jobs in this category are in wilderness areas. For example, beach and mountain resorts, summer camps, and state and national parks tend to generate a lot of seasonal opportunities for current college students who want to work in the great outdoors.

You could lead hiking expeditions into the backcountry or help people enjoy fun activities like swimming, zip lining, archery, whitewater rafting, or outdoor photography. Of course, plenty of outdoor jobs are also available in cities and non-wilderness areas.

Most employers will provide on-the-job training. And some of them will also cover the cost of getting certified in CPR and first aid if that is required for the work.

Great summer jobs for college students

But you might stand out among other job candidates if you have some formal training related to tourism or recreation management. Here are several examples of outdoor summer jobs. National wage estimates, unless otherwise indicated, are from Parents of younger students often work to schedule tutoring sessions for their kids during summer break.

If you are gifted in math, English or any other school subject, summer is a great time to.

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In this market, college students need an edge to get the full time job, co-op or summer internship they want. Despite modest recovery following the Great Recession, far fewer U.S. teens are working over the summer than in years past. An astonishing 78% of college seniors have a job lined up upon graduation.

This is according to AfterCollege’s survey of 1, college undergrads, grad students and . Summer Camp, Youth Programs for students grades K at Montgomery College, Maryland.

Summer Programs for elementary, middle school, and high school students at Montgomery College, Maryland.

Online classes for High School Students. Summer Camp Programs include Biology Camps, Black Rocket, YLTA Financial Fitness Program, Joy of Art, Mad Science, Mathematics Enrichment .

From working as an on-campus tutor to mowing the lawn on weekends, here are ten great part-time jobs for college students. Wage data is from the U.S.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, and hourly pay is.

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