Fundable fish farming business plan

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Fundable fish farming business plan

You will never get to know this if you are not involved in the Catfish farming business. Fish farming in Nigeria is one lucrative business that you will never regret going into due to the high yield and robust profits possible from it.

If you are looking for a business you can add to your normal day to day job, catfish business is one business you should give very close consideration.

Believe it or not, you will never regret going into this business. The yield is high and the process is not so stressful. This write up is put together to direct you on very important things you need to keep in mind when running this business.

Before you start this business, you need to consider putting together a business plan.

One page business plan template

Take some fundable fish farming business plan to research about the business and consider how big or how small you want it to be. Do you have adequate piece of land that can be used in building the fish pond?

Does the land have the right resources and is it located in the right place? These are some of the very important things to consider when talking about Fish farming in Nigeria.

You may also want to consider the issue of cost. If you do not have much money on you, you can decide to start small and grow big with time. However, you will need much money if you decide to start the business in a bigger way.

It is left for you to decide depending on how much fund you have available. Also Read this Post: Keyword vs Generic Domain Name: Which is better for your Blog? Budget content While preparing a budget for the project, make sure you consider very important items like supplies, repairs, equipment, electricity, fuel, water, work force, fingerlings and feeds on the list of items to buy.

Are you going to take a loan for this business or you are going to depend on money you have saved? Put this into consideration while making your budget. Estimated cost of various items like the well from where to get water, pumps, and ponds and so on. What the catfish need to grow The water must be in the perfect condition.

The water must have an ambient temperature that will help with hatching the eggs laid by the fishes. The water should also be in the perfect condition for development of the catfish. The water needs to be properly aerated too as this promotes catfish growth. The water to be used must always be clean and the bottom of the pool you are using must always be smooth and be built with gentle slope.

fundable fish farming business plan

A gently sloping base will ensure that the water in the pool can be easily replaced. Make sure some clay is under the pond too. The pump must not be deeper than 8 feet and the depth must not be less than 3 feet. Marketing for your catfish Catfish market is always open and available.

Many more people have come to love catfish and they love to buy them fresh. You will always find people that want to buy. You can sell at whole sale or at retail. Be that as it may, you need to know that people prefer to always buy them fresh, since they tend to get spoilt easily.

Finally, Catfish business is serious business. Fish farming in Nigeria is one business that you will never regret going into due to the high yield and robust profits possible from it.

Make sure you implement the tips shared in this article aggressively so you can succeed.Ornamental fish farming business plan. Posted at h in Ornamental fish farming business plan by 0 Likes. Share.

Ornamental fish farming business plan. 4 stars based on reviews Essay. The Comic Strip as a Medium for Promoting Science Literacy Chapter I Introduction as it relates to everyday life has a part in the current trend towards heavily weighted standardized testing and content standard instruction.

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Actively seek out funding for new projects and develop ideas related to sustainable agriculture into fundable projects; life and disability insurance, a cafeteria and (k) plan, and a pleasant, professional. Fish farming business plan pdf On November 26, , Posted by, In Fish farming business plan pdf, With No Comments.

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Fish farming business plan pdf. 5 stars based on 30 reviews Essay. Equus software wiki day in the life of. Jul 04,  · here to help you to prepare very good fundable business plan that is suitable and meet the desire of fadama Guys at affordable price, if you need Our services u can call us and email us back so as to talk Those going into livestock production e.g fish farming, what possible input can fadama make?

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