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Shwetha Shankar Abstract The purpose of this keynote address is to present the thesis that meaning-seeking and self-transcendence express our spiritual nature and are essential for our healing and well-being. Will to meaning is both a primary human motivation and a human capacity to strive for something that transcends self-interests and serve the greater good.

Find essays on frankl

Who was this man who survived the Holocaust, and through his sufferings changed the face of psychology forever. It takes a great man who through horrid conditions can take adversary and find the positive to convey to others.

In September ofa young doctor, his new bride, his mother, father, and brother, were arrested in Vienna and taken to a concentration camp in Bohemia. It was events that occurred there and at three other camps that led the young doctor -- prisoner-- to realize the significance of meaningfulness in life.

One of the earliest events to drive home the point was a significant moment that came while on a predawn march to work on laying railroad tracks, another prisoner wondered out loud about the fate of their wives.

Find essays on frankl

The young doctor began to think about his own wife, and realized that she was present within him: And throughout his tribulations he could not help but see that, among those given a chance for survival, it was those who held on to a dream of the future, whether it be a significant task before them, or a return to their loved ones, that were most likely to survive their suffering.

It would be, in fact, the meaningfulness that could be found in suffering itself that would most impress him: That young doctor was Viktor Emil Frankl! Life before the concentration camp could not have prepared him for the atrocities and the mayhem that awaited him.

Frankl was born in Vienna into a Jewish family of civil servants. His interest for psychology surfaced early. For the final exam in Gymnasium, he wrote a paper on the psychology of philosophical thinking. After graduating from Gymnasium inhe studied medicine at the University of Vienna and later specialized in neurology and psychiatry, while concentrating on the topics of depression and suicide.

He had personal contact with Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler. In this position he offered a special program to counsel students during the time they were to receive their grades. During his residence, not a single Vienese student committed suicide.

The success of this program grabbed the attention of the likes of Wilhelm Reich, who invited him to Berlin. Here, he treated over 30, women prone to suicide. Yet, starting inhe was forbidden from treating Aryan patients due to his Jewish ethnicity.

He moved into private practice until starting work in at the Rothschild Hospital, where he headed its neurological department. This hospital, at the time, was the only one in Vienna in which Jews were still admitted.

Several times, his medical opinions saved patients from being euthanised by the Nazi euthanasia program. Watching who did and did not survive, he concluded that the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche had it right:Biography Viktor Frankl was born in Vienna on March 26, His father, Gabriel Frankl, was a strong, disciplined man from Moravia who worked his way from government stenographer to become the director of the Ministry of Social Service.

His mother, Elsa Frankl (née Lion), was more tenderhearted, a pious woman from Prague. The middle of three children, young Viktor was precocious and intensely . The nemesis of Frankl’s writing has always been the discontinuities of his books. While Frankl’s essays are penetrating and powerful, when brought together in a book format they retained the feel of a collection of essays instead of a unified work.

Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl (), an Austrian psychiatrist and neurologist who founded logotherapy. Frankl was a survivor of the Holocaust, having been imprisoned at the Auschwitz concentration camp, and later Kaufering and Durkheim (both affiliated with the Dachau concentration camp in Upper Bavaria) from October to /5().

Viktor Frankl Institute--Official website for Institute founded by Frankl; contains biography, videos, and other material on Frankl and his work.

Viktor Frankl--Biography, discussion of Frankl's ideas, and large set of links to other sites on Frankl and existentialism; by Boston psychotherapist Tracy Marks. Man’s Search for Meaning Essay Topics. 1.

Frankl was a very skilled psychotherapist before he was arrested and sent to a concentration camp. Would he have done more good by going to America and treating hundreds of patients, rather than working as a slave laborer throughout the war?

Logotherapy is Viktor Frankl's philosophy of life. As such, it can be used in every profession and walk of life. As such, it can be used in every profession and walk of life.

Today it is being used by educators, counselors, ministers, business managers, etc.

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