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At some point, Aristotle's original work was divided in two, each "book" written on a separate roll of papyrus.

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Part Blowout surface intervention methods: Descriptions of debris removal techniques; special services like junk shots, hot tapping and freezing; and proven methods of well capping Martin J.

Basic special tools and techniques used in these efforts are explained. Capping equipment and installation steps are reviewed. Options of diverting blowouts and inducing bridging are noted. And snubbing on blowouts and the difficulties this presents are discussed.

This blowout in inland waters was capped while burning to limit pollution. Many control options are available, as partially reviewed below. The key is selecting a control option that has the best chance of success, mini mum risk and viable economics. Time is also a Expose litterature factor, as well conditions can change.

The following discussion should be used as a basic guide to control options, methods and limitations. This meltdown was the result Expose litterature a voluntary well ignition of a deep H2S well blowout in Mississippi see photo on pageWorld Oil, October The significant task of clearing away damaged rig or offshore platform components to expose the wellhead s is a first step on burning blowouts.

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Only a few individuals have directed operations to remove destroyed rigs over burning blowouts. Even fewer have directed debris clearing operations on offshore burning blowouts. Offshore efforts are based on exposing the wellhead s.

This involves clearing away upper decks and possibly melted remains of the rig and substructure. The barge key-way was first cleared of melted rig debris. A major effort to cool the drilling barge to prevent further thermal deterioration while pumping it out, to float the drilling barge off the well, is illustrated.

Water spray is directed at the barge and not the fire to maximize oil combustion and limit pollution. Oil containment booms are set around the work area and pumped off barge fluid and skimmed oil are directed into storage barges.

Well fires on massive offshore structures would require large semi-submersible-based derrick cranes to get sufficient deck height to match up elevation of the well bays.

Derrick barges can be used on smaller structures. Major firefighting firms have crane hooks that work with large offshore cranes for debris clearing.

Cutting away massive steel debris on large land rigs or offshore structures is sometimes required.

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Large fires will progressively melt away obstructing steel and at least partially expose the wellhead. If clearing is required, it can be done by various means, as described here.

Mechanically ripping, bending or fatiguing repeated bending away the debris with athey wagon and debris hook. Swab line used as a reciprocated cable between winches is used to cut away wellheads or tubulars in areas and applications where only small cuts are required and high pressure abrasive cutting equipment is unavailable.


The cut required 18 hr to complete. This cut could have been made in less than 2 hr with a high pressure abrasive jet, but this equipment was not available in Eastern Venezuela. Thermal lances or custom long cutting torches can be used to cut away debris on burning blowouts.

Very few individuals have the experience to do this safely. Explosive cutting with shaped charges can be done on massive beams or tubular sections obstructing blowing wellheads.

Shaped charges can be made in the field using raw C4 plastic explosive in fabricated holders.


Point cuts, linear cuts and circular cuts can be fabricated by fire fighting explosive experts. Manufactured cutting charges are stocked by explosive manufacturers in some regions, but cannot be custom con figured to the application.Le sociologue et dramaturge mauritanien Moussa Diagana, est décédé le mardi 16 Janvier à Dakar.

Moussa Diagana, Une grande . Retrouvez ce texte réglementaire sur la page du Bulletin officiel. LITTERATURE COMPAREE ET COMPARAISONS. Les comparatistes entretiennent, me semble-t-il, avec la comparaison des rapports plutôt ambigus, voire conflictuels.

Happiness is a snip away (ashio-midori.com) - UPDA TED "The aims of this lesson are to provide practice of the vocabulary of jobs and of reading and speaking skills. The lesson is based around a jigsaw reading exercise on a text about a survey of ashio-midori.com introduces the topic of jobs with discussion and a dictation, then asks learners to identify and exchange information.

In the 19th century, through an artistic and literary movement known as “Japonisme”, French poets appear to have been solely attracted by the evocation and illustration of Japanese works of art such as color-prints or curios, which they usually transcribed in the sonnet form.

Illustration de la couverture de l'Express du 6 Janvier n°Illustration for the cover of the french magazine "L'Express" after the Paris attacks in January

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