Coursework bank electromagnets

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Coursework bank electromagnets

To establish whether a variation in the voltage will affect To establish whether a variation in the voltage will affect an electromagnet"s strength Plan: I plan to try and make the strongest possible electromagnet using insulated copper wired coiled around an iron core Copper is used because it has a low electrical resistance, this means that it is easy for the current to flow through it.

Also, copper wire can be easily shaped to make a coil. This turns the coil into an electromagnet, to make a solenoid magnet.

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The coiled 50cm insulated copper Another thing to take into account is that the length of the coil may not have been the same amount, as I turned it around the iron nail. There are many ways in which how I could measure the strength of an electromagnet accurately.

I could have used an ammeter to test the current and record the readings during various intervals. I could have also used a Variable Resistor or a Rheostat to increase the current so the electromagnet would get stronger and therefore pick up more paper clips.Browse magnets and electromagnets resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, a marketplace trusted by millions of teachers for original educational resources.

What is Electromagnet? The electromagnet is formed by the use of a strong magnetic field inside the solenoid to magnetize the magnetic material. Such material can be a soft iron. The coils of the electromagnets are connected in the discharge path of capacitors charged to relatively high voltage and discharged through the electromagnetic coils when selected rotor and stator elements are in alignment, or when the fixed electromagnets and movable electromagnets are juxtaposed discharge of the bank of capacitors occurs.

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Thanks, Brett. RE: Ferrite electromagnets MagMike (Mike) more. The magnetic interation of the side electromagnets is going to prevent any stable levitation. The fields from the side electromagnets will. Jun 19,  · The magnetic force will definitely vary a lot with the separation, so you will need to control and maybe measure that.

As for mass/weight, just remember that F=ma, where m is the mass.

Coursework bank electromagnets

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