Club mediterrnian marketing strategy

The objective is to establish a single thing to be known as in the mind of the consumer. A clear understanding of the market includes target demographics, strength of the competitors' products, how you give value, and your own strengths and weaknesses. After you have a thorough understanding of the landscape of your market, you can decide which positioning strategy will be the most successful for your products. Target Demographics A product cannot be all things to all people.

Club mediterrnian marketing strategy

Low-Cost Tips for Promoting Your Day Spa In the highly competitive and crowded day spa industry, effective marketing can make or break your business. Typically, spa and salon business tends to fluctuate from one season to the next, and from year to year. An effective marketing plan can help you get through the Club mediterrnian marketing strategy times, and make the most of the good ones.

Before you start raising your prices in order to pay for an expensive marketing campaign, however, consider these simple but essential low cost ideas to help your customers find you, encourage them to visit and keep them coming back. Optimize the World Wide Web. Claim your Yelp page and add photos and information about your business.

All of these listings are free advertising so take advantage of them.

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Then you can send them a newsletter or notices of specials and promotions. Leverage the social media frenzy. Create a Facebook page for your businessand an account on Twitter. Add new posts several times a day, if possible, and encourage customers to like your Facebook page.

Make it informative by posting beauty tips and tricks, relaxation techniques and more. They can be techniques used by you and your staff or ideas you find online. If you post a link to the blog where you found them, that blogger will appreciate the promo. This will bring in customers who happen to be nearby, and when they check in at your location, they can down load the discount, even if they just make an appointment for another day.

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Optimize your web page. Your website is quite often the first thing people will see before they visit your spa. Does it look inviting? Include lots of pictures, but rather than purchasing generic clipart, get some professional and flattering photos taken on the actual premises.

Club mediterrnian marketing strategy

People like to see what a spa looks like before they visit. You can also place these photos on your Yelp site and your various local directories and listings. Create a comprehensive menu of your services, with a full description of each one.

Offer a variety of combination packages, such as a facial and a manicure, or a head-to-toe facial, massage and mani-pedi. This will get customers to try services they might not otherwise purchase.

A referral incentive program is a must. It keeps your customers happy and helps you build your business. Instead of just offering a discount, try offering a free service that your customers may not use that often. If your salon provides a catered lunch, put some business cards and menus from the caterer or restaurant on your counter and ask to leave some of yours on theirs.

Sell services in a package of five, or ten or more, at a corresponding discount. This keeps the customer coming back to get the treatments and you get the money up front.

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Consider giving a gift card as a reward, so that they can give it to a friend if they desire. Start a birthday club, and encourage your clients to provide their birth date along with their email address.

Then you can send them a birthday greeting with a special discount or free service. You can also send them a thank you email after their first visit, and ask for their input as to how they liked your services.

Ask what could be done better, and if they respond with criticism, offer them a discount to come back and try it again. Give every customer the royal treatment. Remember, the whole point of offering the discount is to bring in new clients. Give each one the same outstanding service you give to those who are paying full price.

If even a small percentage become regular clients, it will have been worth it! If you liked this post, check out our updated version with fresh ideas and innovations for !Apr 24,  · The Dollar Shave Club has attained a lot of visibility on YouTube and in the press.

Some might think it is just another viral video story. But the truth runs much deeper and this business strategy just might succeed. My favorite marketing channel and strategy for restaurants is Facebook ads.

You can target Facebook followers in your area, as well as user types, e.g. Foodie. Plus you can design ads to encourage a variety of actions: follow your Facebook page, give you an email address, or go to your website to take an action.

25 Creative Restaurant Marketing Ideas To Get More Customers

Private Club Marketing has advised over $50M in membership sales, referral strategies and promotions over the last decade. From new club construction to repositioning demographic targets. Private Club Marketing works with your management team and board to develop a successful membership strategy to grow and retain your membership.

Club Med UK - Marketing strategy for comprehensive external communications and public relations in support for a successful Club Med Long Haul launch. It inclu. Which of the following is NOT a trend affecting marketing strategy planning in the Pricing area?

a. Overuse of sales and deals b. More attention to exchange rate effects c. Use of “free” as a price d. Increasing use of electronic bidding and auctions e.

Decreasing use of value pricing Which of the following is NOT a trend affecting marketing strategy planning in the area of. Know-How Exchange. You have landed on the most vibrant marketing forum on the web. Search our archives of over 45, questions and , answers posted in Know-How Exchange since January Or login to post a new question.

Club Med's owner Fosun has a strategy to help everyone live until years old: technology