Can we hide from failure

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Can we hide from failure

How many "interventions gone wrong" will have to occur before the lesson is finally learned by the human race? Should it come as a surprise that attempting to "fertilize the oceans" with industrial waste can only do immense and irreparable harm?

The arrogance and insanity of industrialized society's propensity to interfere with nature is truly incomprehensible. What does it mean to be a "scientist" in a modern society of those who seek perpetual expansion on a finite world with finite resources?

Unfortunately, in so many cases it means you try to find some way to justify the actions that your paymasters wish to implement. Finally, some of the insanity is being exposed. The excerpt below taken from a recent report is yet another glaring red flag that reflects the total folly of man's attempt to manipulate the planet's life support systems.

Scientists plumbing the depths of the central equatorial Pacific Ocean have found ancient sediments suggesting that one proposed way to mitigate climate warming—fertilizing the oceans with iron to produce more carbon-eating algae—may not necessarily work as envisioned.

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Recent shipboard experiments have shown that when researchers dump iron particles into such areas, it can boost growth. The algae draw the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the air to help build their bodies, so fertilization on a large scale could, theoretically, reduce atmospheric CO2.

Seafloor sediments show that during past ice ages, more iron-rich dust blew from chilly, barren landmasses into the oceans, apparently producing more algae in these areas and, presumably, a natural cooling effect. Some scientists believe that iron fertilization and a corresponding drop in CO2 is one reason why ice ages become icy and remain so.

This file illustration photo, obtained from NASA, shows a massive phytoplankton bloom, as seen from a satellite. Organizers of a controversial ocean fertilization project off Canada's west coast said officials knew of the undertaking but did not stop itand that it violated no laws.

This is because ocean waters are always on the move, and algae also need other nutrients, such as nitrates and phosphates. Though there are countless anthropogenic causes, various forms of geoengineering solar radiation management, marine layer albedo enhancement, ocean fertilization, etc.

We are rapidly spiraling toward the " Canfield ocean " condition associated with mass extinction events in Earth's history.

Can we hide from failure

This time around the human race is holding the smoking gun as the planet is now warming 50 times faster than it should when coming our of an ice age.

If the oceans die, we die. Will we continue to stand by and allow the power structure and the military industrial complex to conduct experiments of insanity on what is yet left of Earth's life support systems? Or will we make exposing and halting the ongoing geoengineering insanity our absolute top priority?

The sand in the hourglass is rapidly running out, we must all make every day count in this critical battle. May be freely reprinted, so long as the text is unaltered, all hyperlinks are left intact, and credit for the article is prominently given to geoengineeringwatch.About the Authors.

Lakshmi N.

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Bairavasundaram is a Member of Technical Staff at Datrium, Inc. Lakshmi has worked in the file and storage systems domain for the last 14 years, including a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison on the topic of disk failures, and working at NetApp and Datrium. He has received 4 best-paper awards for his conference publications, and his paper on Latent.

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Can we hide from failure

In each failure on can discover hidden intelligence. Each failure gives more experience and knowledge than the last. People need to learn how to avoid giving failure attention to be careless or disorganized of the person’s responsibility.

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