Building a coalition essay

The Woodson Foundation, a large nonprofit social service agency, is teaming up with the public school system in Washington, D. The schools have problems with truancy, low student performance, and crime. New staff quickly burn out as their initial enthusiasm for helping students is blunted by the harsh realities they encounter in the classroom.

Building a coalition essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. This stage is complete when members have begun to think of themselves as part of a group.

Robbins Looking closely at the case we can see a just formed coalition of thee organizations with three different organizational backgrounds that have been brought together in order to achieve one specific goal to create an experimental after school programstill each member of the group has different perception of the problem itself.

Building a coalition essay is definitely much uncertainly, but members of the group realize that they will have to work together and that there is a common goal to achieve. Storming stage is one of intragroup conflict.

What is Coalition Building?

Members accept the existence of the group but resist the constraints it imposes on individuality. There is conflict over who will control the group. When this stage is complete, there will be a relatively clear hierarchy of leadership within the group. Understanding the stages the group is currently going through can help Woodson foundation explain the reasons why the members of the group interact the way they do and predict their general behavioral patterns for the nearest future.

Problem Identification The coalition needs to form an executive development team which will be functional within the long period of time and include the members of all three parties involved — the Woodson foundation itself, the school system representatives and NCPIE, allowing them to work successfully on establishing the operating plan for improving school performance, while bringing unique experiences of each member to the table.

School district representatives want to ensure the new jobs will be unionized and will operate in a way consistent with current school board policies. The complexity of the school system has led to the development of a highly complex bureaucratic structure over time, and administrators want to make sure their policies and procedures will still hold for teachers in these programs even outside the regular school day.

Building a coalition essay

Its members are most interested in the process by which changes are made, ensuring everyone has the ability to weigh in. Robbins So as two secondary problems I would name high tendency to developing conflicts due to diversity of the team members and discrepancies in their perceptions of what should be done and how.

Careful diversity management along with steps to prevent too much conflict and keep it at a healthy level are needed to ensure the team members are can work cohesively and productively as a result.

Understanding the basics of individual membership in a team and working on job involvement, job satisfaction and motivation of each member can help to form a team that is able to work to its full potential and create outputs greater than the sum of their inputs, as when a diverse group develops creative alternatives.

Also knowing principles of individual membership in a team the Woodson foundation will be able to avoid common mistakes, which make teams with great potential dysfunctional, for example, setting wrong goals and using wrong tools to achieve them.

Retrospective Evaluation There are lots of factors that can help to create a team that will be effective. Creating a structured team and assigning the roles properly can be taken as one of most relevant.

Building a coalition essay

Robbins I can suggest 2 approaches to form a team and allocate roles in the case: Assign roles on the basis of tenure and individual contribution. The longer the tenure is the more superior role the member takes in the group. Unique experience and expertise brought to the table by members with longer tenure can make a huge contribution to solving the problem and allow coming up with most comprehensive and appropriate solution possible.

Some ongoing problems might be solved faster and more efficient as the members with longer work history could have faced them in the past already and resolved them successfully. Possible discrimination of members with less tenure and favoritism towards members with longer tenure.

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Members with longer tenure sometimes are reluctant to embrace changes or new techniques of problem solving along with having tendency to be very dominant in group decision-making.

Having longer tenure sometimes is not equal to being successful in the past, and having a leader with average abilities can lead to average level of productivity.

Firm allocation of the roles follows as well as distribution of functions. Possible leader from the case: Duane Hardy has been a principal in the Washington area for more than 15 years.

He also thinks the schools should have the most power. The parents, at least, have more of a stake in this. Assign the roles on the basis of personality, abilities and skills of the members. Smart team leaders help less-intelligent team members when they struggle with a task.

But a less intelligent leader can neutralize the effect of a high-ability team. Define the roles essential for the team structure. If there in a choice to form a team from a scratch — chose the members in accordance with existent roles and how many of them an individual can fill at the same time.

Is the team already exists — review the roles currently assigned and rearrange them when necessary to use personalities in the team to their full potential.

Hire additional members to make sure all the relevant roles are filled and the team has enough resources to work productively.

Candace Sharpe thinks the schools are doing the best they can. She is a county social worker, relatively new to the D. We need to step it up, we need to lead the way.The individuals chosen need to understand the stages of group development to help them get along and build a cohesive coalition.

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They will have to understand that the initial stage will be the forming. Building A Coalition Paper instructions: submit a two- to three-page paper addressing the key questions identified at the end of this document. Your Assignment The Woodson Foundation, the NCPIE, and the schools have asked you to provide some information about how to form teams effectively.

Question Building a Coalition CASE. Learning Goals. Many of the most important organizational behavior challenges require coordinating plans and goals among groups. Building a Coalition Essay Sample. Part I: Group Development After reading the case study “Building a Coalition” I think that within the five-stage group-development model described in our textbook the group involved in the case is somewhere between the forming stage and storming stage, I can see signs of both stages at the same time.

Essay Case Study: Building a Coalition MGMT 11/9/ Case Study: Building a Coalition Dr. Anne Hallcom Case Study: Building a Coalition for Woodson Foundation The Woodson Foundation, a large nonprofit social service agency, is teaming up with the public school system in Washington, D.C, to improve student outcomes.

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