Australia as a pluralistic society

Other Related Objections to Recognition. Although the objections to recognition based on considerations of equality, equal protection and non-discrimination are the most important for the purposes of this Report, other related objections have been made. In particular it is sometimes said that legal pluralism, such as would be involved in the recognition of customary laws, is divisive and violates a principle of the unity of the law especially in the criminal law. But so far as they apply independently, they need to be separately discussed.

Australia as a pluralistic society

Introduction Thank you for your kind introduction. It is a great pleasure to have been invited to speak on one my favourite topics: While not being of faith myself, I believe strongly in the importance of religious freedom and the role it plays in guiding the full development of the human spirit, our morality and our respectful relationship to each other.

The importance of religious freedom Freedom of religion is a close ally and friend of the absolute freedoms of thought and conscience. Government cannot regulate it, and nor should they. Equally, it is closely allied to freedom of expression. As the Swiss-born 18th and 19th Century French politician, Benjamin Constant, outlined in his description of faith: Whatever the cause of the emotion, it bears within it something which quickens the blood, arouses a kind of well-being, and heightens in us the sense of our existence and strengths.

We become open to a generosity, a courage, and a sympathy above our everyday disposition. Even the corrupted man is better, when he is moved and as long as he stays moved. Man has a relationship with his creator. He constructs for himself or is given various ideas about his relationship.

This system of ideas is called religion. We grope out towards the light, seeing an occasional flash of beauty or of understanding, hearing occasionally the penetrating voices of reason.

Civilization is in the heart and mind of man, not in the work of his hands.

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And in the heart of every man, whatever he may call himself, is that instinct to touch the unknown, to know what comes after, to see the invisible.

It is more than just earthly expression. But it has earthly limits. Like expression, the manifestation of the freedom of worship is only justified to the extent that it inhibits the human rights of others.

But, even then, the nature of the human right of religion has sometimes been offered exemptions if an otherwise illegal practice is necessary to adhere to spiritual observance. It was a point I was reminded of recently that during the early 20th Century failed experiment of prohibition in the United States.

In that experiment one of prescribed exemptions for purchasing alcohol was for the purpose of religious ceremonies.

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Unsurprisingly there was a sudden spike in the number of religious practitioners and worshippers! Religion in Australia The role of religion in Australia is nuanced. The foundation of our country was not based on significant religious conviction or events, though it has never been absent from our national character.

Based on the most recent census data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia is still a country where a majority have some form of faith, particularly some form of Christianity.

The number of people who identify as Christian has been in decline since Federation; 96 per cent identified as Christian inbut this fell to 61 per cent in But importantly these faiths amount to 67 per cent of the population born overseas. Those with no religion total While modern Australia technically originated from the benign theocracy of the United Kingdom, in practice we adopted an essentially Lockean approach to the role of government over religion.American society is a modern-day example of pluralism.

In a pluralistic society, power is held by multiple groups who compete for control of decision-making organizations. Next, we'll compare the two main types of these powerful groups in the United States: political parties and interest groups.

But that is not the nature of Australian society. We are not a secular society, we are a pluralist society. That means everyone is entitled to their faith, and to express it so long as they do no harm to others. The Institute of East Asian Studies organizes and sponsors research and public service programs related to the history, cultures and contemporary affairs of East Asia, at the University of California, Berkeley.

Australia and France Cultural Comparison. In pursuit of the laissez-faire. Both Australia and France share a criminal history that has shaped the identity of their respective countries. A constitutional document on citizenship, which takes account of the pluralistic nature of contemporary Australian society, framed initially as a non justiceable but inspirational Statutory Act confers on all citizens a political identity arising from the democratic traditions of Australian political systems.

Pluralism refers to a society, system of government, or organization that has different groups that keep their identities within a dominant group.

Australia as a pluralistic society

There are lots of examples of pluralism .

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