Abraham lincolns biography

Mary did return in Novemberand Lincoln courted her for a time; however, they both had second thoughts about their relationship. On August 16,Lincoln wrote Mary a letter suggesting he would not blame her if she ended the relationship. She never replied and the courtship ended.

Abraham lincolns biography

This first, terse effort was prepared at the request of Charles Lanman, who was compiling the Dictionary of Congress. Born, February 12,in Hardin County, Kentucky. Have been a captain of volunteers in Black Hawk war. Postmaster at a very small office.

Four times a member of the Illinois legislature, and was a member of the lower house of Congress. December 20, Lincoln wrote this second autobiography for Jesse Fell, a long-time Illinois Republican friend who was a native of Pennsylvania.

Fell used his influence to get the piece incorporated into an article appearing in a Pennsylvania newspaper on February 11, Lincoln enclosed the autobiography in a letter to Fell, remarking, "There is not much of it, for the reason, I suppose, that there is not much of me.

My parents were both born in Virginia, of undistinguished families-- second families, perhaps I should say. My mother, who died in my tenth year, was of a family of the name of Hanks, some of whom now reside in Adams, and others in Macon Counties, Illinois.

My paternal grandfather, Abraham Lincoln, emigrated from Rockingham County, Virginia, to Kentucky, about or 2, where, a year or two later, he was killed by indians, not in battle, but by stealth, when he was laboring to open a farm in the forest. An effort to identify them with the New-England family of the same name ended in nothing more definite, than a similarity of Christian names in both families, such as Enoch, Levi, Mordecai, Solomon, Abraham, and the like.

My father, at the death of his father, was but six years of age; and he grew up, litterally [sic] without education. He removed from Kentucky to what is now Spencer County, Indiana, in my eighth year. We reached our new home about the time the State came into the Union. It was a wild region, with many bears and other wild animals, still in the woods.

There I grew up. There were some schools, so called; but no qualification was ever required of a teacher beyond "readin, writin, and cipherin" to the Rule of Three.

If a straggler supposed to understand latin happened to sojourn in the neighborhood, he was looked upon as a wizzard [sic]. There was absolutely nothing to excite ambition for education. Of course when I came of age I did not know much.

Still somehow, I could read, write, and cipher to the Rule of Three; but that was all. I have not been to school since. The little advance I now have upon this store of education, I have picked up from time to time under the pressure of necessity. I was raised to farm work, which I continued till I was twenty-two.

At twenty one I came to Illinois, and passed the first year in Macon County. Then came the Black-Hawk war; and I was elected a Captain of Volunteers--a success which gave me more pleasure than any I have had since.


I went the campaign, was elated, ran for the Legislature the same year and was beaten--the only time I ever have been beaten by the people. The next, and three succeeding biennial elections, I was elected to the Legislature.

I was not a candidate afterwards. During this Legislative period I had studied law, and removed to Springfield to practise it. In I was once elected to the lower House of Congress.

Was not a candidate for re-election. From toboth inclusive, practiced law more assiduously than ever before.June Abraham Lincoln wrote three autobiographies in a two-year period.

This first, terse effort was prepared at the request of Charles Lanman, who was compiling the Dictionary of Congress.. Born, February 12, , in Hardin County, Kentucky.

Biography of Abraham Lincoln Just who was Abraham Lincoln There is a wealth of information to be found about Abraham Lincoln s accomplishments As the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln is considered to be in the top three Presidents in history.

Lincoln, Abraham (12 February –15 April ), In December the Lincolns again moved, this time to the newly admitted state of Indiana.

John G.

Abraham lincolns biography

Nicolay and John Hay, published a ten-volume biography, Abraham Lincoln: A History, which focused mainly on the presidential years.

In this important new biography, Ronald C. White, Jr. offers a fresh and fascinating definition of Lincoln as a man of integrity—what today’s commentators are calling “authenticity”—whose internal moral compass is the key to understanding his life/5().

Abraham Lincoln - Prairie lawyer: The next year he moved to Springfield, Illinois, the new state capital, which offered many more opportunities for a lawyer than New Salem did. At first Lincoln was a partner of John T. Stuart, then of Stephen T.

Logan, and finally, from , of William H. Herndon. Abraham Lincoln was born to Thomas and Nancy Lincoln on February 12, , in a log cabin on a farm in Hardin County, Kentucky. Two years later the family moved to a farm on Knob Creek.

There, when there was no immediate work to be done, Abraham walked .

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